Boolarra Cemetery Trust – Sep. 2011

Due to the heavy winter rains, our water tank was soon filled to capacity, and the plants on the whole have flourished.  However, as in any garden, some did not make it, and others were damaged by the strong winds.

Shortly we will be purchasing replacement plants for those lost, and will follow-up with working bees to re-plant, tidy up and top up soil on some of the graves that have experienced subsidence after the heavy rains.

Our Annual General Meeting was held on August 18th, and the following people were re-elected to these positions.

President – Ian Blake, Vice President – Michael Gleeson, Secretary/Treasurer  – Glenys Morgan, Grounds Secretary – Bill Armstrong, Historical Records Secretary – Robern Lubowski.

Fees were increased on July 1st, 2011 in line with C.P.I.  A special increase was approved by the Department of Health in regards to the cost of plots in all sections of the Cemetery.  The new fees are displayed in the Gazebo, or contact the Secretary on 5169 6721 for further information.

Glenys Morgan, Secretary.