from newspaper article dated 1955

Boolarra Plays a Fine Effort

Last Friday and Saturday nights the Dramatic Group of the Boolarra Arts Club staged a series of four one-act plays in the Boolarra Hall. It is proposed to produce the first two at Traralgon.

How this enthusiastic group of players manages to produce such a fine effort under the conditions in which they have to work will remain a mystery.

With only the stage and a small dressing room on each side to use as wings the stage manager, Mr. H. Langley and his two assistants Messrs. Carthew and Sewell, are to be complimented on the effects obtained.

The first play “Birds of a Feather” by J.O. Francis is a gem. It could easily be thought that this would be a bit ambitious for an amateur group to handle, but on Friday night, when this paper viewed the show we were very impressed.  The four characters were all well cast but Jim White’s work as the Bishop was outstanding. Len Hall also did a remarkably fine piece of acting as Dicky.

“Little Glass Houses” with an all female cast produced another fine job by Margaret Baillie, who certainly has a lot of talent and an excellent stage manner. Grace Langley, Norma Littlejohn and Doris Nankervis gave excellent support while Margaret Hibbins was very natural as the browbeaten daughter.

Another ambitious effort was Philip Johnson’s drama “Dark Brown” and Margaret Baillie showed a real sense of theatre in her very natural effort as the worried wife. Mrs. Nankervis played the mother very capably and was well supported by the other members of the cast, while Ian Richard’s dramatic finale was a fine effort.

In the final play “Mothers’ Pride”, Mavis Radcliffe and Evelyn Richards as the daughters and Lilian Campbell as the mother did a very good job. Rene Hennett made the most of her small part and revealed a real sense of comedy. Ian Richards completed a good night’s work as he appeared in three out of the four plays.

A happy supper gathering after the show was enjoyed by all.