Boolarra & District Youth Theatre Company – Sep. 2011

The Boolarra and District Youth Theatre Company formed in Autumn 2010. We had a good response from youth wanting to join, plus parents keen to be on the committee. In 2010 we organised funding, stage lighting for the Boolarra Memorial Hall, an instructor and with a donation from the Boolarra Community Development group, we held a dance/music workshop and free lunch.

Our first instructor, Maria Andjelkovic and her daughter, Carly, spent the term teaching modern dance routines, plus theatre, always starting with a ‘warm up ‘.

On Saturday 24th July we held our first fundraiser, ‘Boolarra Idol’. The youth performed a dance routine which Maria had been teaching, plus there was a good selection of dance acts, puppet theatre, song and instrumentals. We also had Clayton Cupples perform for us. Rick Teychenne and Chelsea Stewart, both active members from the Boolarra Folk Festival, and Heather James – singing instructor, were our judges.

Bella and Maddie Papa received 1st prize of $150.00, Tilly Charmers 2nd prize of $100.00, and Matthew McGrath was 3rd with $50.00 prize money. Bronte Dentoom and Shelly and Jess McGrath were highly commended and were invited to play on stage at the 2011 Boolarra Folk Festival. Prizes were kindly donated by Paul Gray from Salvation Army.

In 4th term we held music workshops with Clayton Cupples, with a focus on learning to play instruments and sing with microphones. Thanks again to Paul Gray and Sony music, we were donated brand new amplifiers and instruments to learn and play.

We finished up the year with a break up party, and a performance of ‘Run, run, Rudolf at the Carols in the park, and also a dance routine at the Boolarra primary school’s concert.

1st term this year started with ‘Rock band’ music at Trafalgar, with Ben Smith. Ben was unable to come to Boolarra, so we car pooled to the wonderful music studio at Trafalgar primary school. The youth really enjoyed the experience, and we recorded the Green Day song, ‘Holiday’.

2nd and 3rd term we have concentrated on drama and theatre, with a new teacher, Britt Lewis. The youth are getting ready to stage an in house performance of “Beauty is a Beast”. We are also going to have some    songs with instruments –‘I feel Pretty’ and ‘True colours’ which will compliment the theatre production.

After the theatre production we are planning to finish the year with music/dance and song again. We plan to run some Sunday afternoon workshops, but will know more after our next meeting, which will be combined with our AGM on Tuesday 6th Sept, 7.30pm at the Boolarra Memorial Hall. There is a blackboard near the main door of the hall which we use to advertise what we are doing and when. We would like to thank all our sponsors, Boolarra Community Development Group, Paul Gray – Salvation Army, Heather Farley – Latrobe City, and Angie Fredricks – Latrobe Community Health. I would like to personally thank Lisa Papa for her dedication as secretary and everything else she does. Thank you also to Samantha Brick as treasurer and public officer. Samantha set up our incorporation status as well.

The Boolarra & District Youth Theatre Company was formed for youth interested in the arts to develop talent while having fun in a safe environment. Both parent helpers and staff have working with children checks. We aim to be affordable for all members, so the cost of instructors is subsidised. The sessions run from 90 minutes to 2hrs, with a fruit/drink break. At present the sessions are on a Friday at 5pm-6.30pm.We warmly welcome new participants and  parents that would be interested to help shape and sustain a group that is focused on youth and nurturing their creative abilities. Youth ages are from primary to secondary school levels.

If you think your Child/Youth could benefit by joining our company, why don’t you come along and see what we do, or come to the AGM and meet some of the parents? We also invite adults/older youth with knowledge in music/ dance/ theatre, to come and help mentor our younger members, or help with set building, stage management, lighting, or costume design.

Enquiries please phone:  Garryelle Rose- 5169 6692 or Lisa Papa-5169 6371.

Feedback from parents and youth (2010)

The Boolarra & District Youth Theatre Company has given my daughter and every other child taking part, a fabulous opportunity to have fun, participate in activities that have them working as a team, and helps them build confidence and learn lots of new skills through the fun and challenging activities each week. The kids look forward to each week and love getting together outside school hours in an activity that is not sport, but has them red cheeked and puffed out every time. Each term the various performances and dances they have learned are performed in front of a real audience. That is something they can feel proud of. Simone Oberdorfer

I love coming down, watching all the children, sharing ideas and expressing themselves more through dance and song. All the children have many creative ideas. My girls dance and sing more at home, which uplifts my heart to see them so happy. It is wonderful to see this happen in my home town Boolarra. Thank you! Kristy Mills

Dance. I think that it is a really good thing for little kids and up. I enjoy it very much. It is sooooooooo FUN. Bella Papa.

The Boolarra Youth Group is going so well and lots more people are participating every week. It is a great way to meet new friends and learn new skills. It has been so much fun for me because I have learnt co-operation skills and I have got to meet so many new people. Maria and Carly have some great ideas and we are all grateful for them to share it with the community. Thank you and we hope to keep it going. Erin Hassett.