Wool Group June 2011

In early April a group of us enjoyed a most pleasant and relaxing day out at the Nickleby at Darnum Alpaca Farm.  It was decided unanimously to stop off at Yarragon on the way, to peruse our favourite shops.  We spent a couple of hours trying on ‘this and that’ in various stores and some of us made some interesting purchases. Next stop was the Black Stump Café at Darnum for a lovely lunch, then it was only a short drive on to the Alpaca Farm.

There were so many beautiful items available for purchase at the farm shop – socks, jumpers, hats, gloves, jackets and beautiful warm blankets.  I was pleased I’d kept my purse closed at Yarragon, so I enjoyed a little splurge and purchased a pair of bright red, very fine knit socks and a beautiful blanket which now has pride of place on my bed (no need for the electric blanket since).  Quite a few of us took home some beautiful alpaca products.

We then wandered out to the paddock to feed and get up close and personal with the beautiful animals, who welcomed our attention and the food of course.

Before we headed for home we enjoyed a beautiful home-made afternoon tea. All in all a very pleasant day was had by all.

We’ve recently had the pleasure of welcoming new members, Kate and Rosalind.  We hope you have many happy days with us in the years to come.

Denise has made a very wise decision to knit a beautiful magic square blanket.  Not only does it look great because of the colours she’s chosen, but it keeps her warm as she knits.

Jan’s mum, Noreen has returned home to ‘not so sunny’ Queensland after spending 5 months in beautiful Boolarra.

We are all working on many and varied projects at the moment, from socks to scarves, to teddy bears and dolls, to jumpers, and some spinning usually happens as well.

We’d like to say a special thank you to the Bowling Club for making us so welcome at their premises when the Multi-Purpose Building was unavailable.

As usual we’ve been enjoying a lovely shared lunch.

If you have any queries regarding Wool Group, or are thinking of joining us for a visit, we meet at the Multi-Purpose Building every Thursday from 11.30am until approximately 3.30, or phone Lois on 5169 6618 for more details.

Lois Thornton