Boolarra CFA News – June. 2011

BARGAINS – RED LIGHT RIDE MERCHANDISE BEING SOLD AT BELOW COST – As the brigade has been left with considerable “Red Light Ride” merchandise, it has been decided to sell this at below cost to locals. The bargains include: Hoodies for $15, T-Shirts – $5, Caps – $5, Stubby Holders – $3 and Key Rings – $1. Items may be purchased from the fire station on Sunday mornings between 9.00 am and 10.00 am.

CAR /TRUCK /TRACTOR BATTERY COLLECTION – As an extension to our fundraising scrap metal bin we are also encouraging people to drop off any car, truck and tractor batteries that they no longer need. These should be placed at the side of the scrap metal bin – NOT IN THE BIN please. Thanks to all those people who are continuing to deposit unwanted steel items in the bin – the total raised is now nearing $10,000.

NEW STORAGE SHED – The brigade has decided to move ahead quickly with the building of a new storage shed to house its four trailers and other equipment. Originally the shed was planned to be an extension of the existing shed and run in a north – south direction but after consultation with neighbours who were concerned about losing their view, the brigade has decided to build it as an east – west stand alone shed at the rear of the original building.

WOOD FIRE / HEATER SAFETY – With the onset of the colder weather, we would like to remind residents of the need to check and clean their chimneys and flues for build up, thus minimizing the risk of them catching on fire.

IS YOUR HOUSE NUMBER CLEARLY VISIBLE? – A local survey indicates that many houses in Boolarra do not have their house numbers clearly visible from the road. In an emergency, whether it be for the ambulance, police or the fire brigade, emergency services personnel can react to your urgent need much faster if your house number is clearly visible. Reflective numbers can be purchased from hardware stores at a reasonably cheap price.

AUSTIN HILL’S CFA REPEATER IS UP AND RUNNING – The problem experienced with CFA Radio Communication “Black Spots” in the hills around Boolarra and Budgeree have been minimized due to the installation of a CFA Repeater on Austin Hill’s Telecommunication Tower. After extensive lobbying by the Boolarra CFA the repeater has finally been given the all clear for use in emergency situations. This will have a hugely positive impact on fire fighter safety in our area.

MIRBOO EAST SATELLITE STATION TO BE REPLACED– The CFA has advised us that our satellite Mirboo East Fire Station is due for replacement within the next 2 years. Given the changed demographics of the area and the size of the present site, our brigade is currently investigating whether the present site, on Shellcotts Road, is in fact the most suitable site for the rebuild. One other site location that is being proposed is on the land adjoining the Boolarra South Hall. The benefit of this site is that the tanker can be more easily crewed by our members, the site allows for the proposed larger shed, there is ample parking space and that it gives easy access to a larger number of roads. The brigade would welcome your thoughts on this issue during the community consultation process.

THANK YOU LES AND MERYL HUNT– We are saddened to hear that Les and Meryl Hunt will soon be leaving Boolarra to live in Traralgon. Les has long been a keen supporter of our brigade having held the position of 1st Lieutenant and Captain for over 20 years and in recent times has lobbied for the brigade at many levels. He was recently awarded an “Exemplary Service Award” by the brigade. Meryl held the position of Comms. Officer for 10 years and in the early eighties, when most of our members worked out of town during the day, it was Meryl’s task to drive the tanker to the incident where our members would meet up with her and fight the fire.

Our sincere gratitude and best wishes are extended to both Les and Meryl.

Dave O’Brien,