Post Office Natters

Here we are already almost halfway through another year, but isn’t it amazing that we have seen the longest winter and it hasn’t changed much at all as we are seeing almost a snow season now. I trust we all have our thermals to keep us as warm as we can possibly be this year. I know our heating went on earlier than usual.  The warm coats and hats are the go for most.

Isn’t it lovely seeing all the babies and toddlers around town with their parents. We seem to have a lot of newcomers in Boolarra this year. Properties in the area have been changing hands bringing different ideas and skills to make this a better place to live, not that there was anything wrong with it but new thoughts can make a difference. Just seeing the park used as much as it has been is a wonderful thing. And doesn’t it look great. I’m sure we have the best outlook from our windows that you can find anywhere. It won’t be long and the trees will be bare.We are also looking forward to the re-opening of the Rail Trail.

I didn’t think we could do any more changes at the Post Office, but little ideas come to the fore and bingo something else has changed. There have been changes in the way postage has been assessed and it has slowed things down a little but with your patience and our knowledge, we will be on top of those changes in no time at all. They tell us it is all for the better, but I have always said, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

As you people on the mail-run will have noticed, we are trying to deliver as many parcels as we can to save you the trouble of coming into town to collect them. But there are still the ones that need signatures for collection that we cannot take out. Also, some of the boxes out there are quite inappropriate for some of the mail but we do our best.

For the people in town, we still have a few private post boxes available. Come in and have a chat about what is available if you think a box could be the answer for you, seeing there is no town delivery. It does make for convenience, as if the necessity arises we can arrange for you to pick up parcels after hours at a time to suit. It only takes a phone call from you. Our phone number is 5169 6209

Our opening hours are: 9.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday and 9.00 am to 11.00 am on Saturdays, but if it’s a long weekend then we are closed on those Saturdays.

That’s it for now.  I just wish the rain would stop for a little while and let the ground dry out some.

Cheers from us at the Post Office.