New Table and Benches for the Morwell River Falls – June. 2011

The April Working Bee at the Morwell River Falls had many challenges but with the able help of all we overcame them, and by the end of a long day, we had a wonderful picnic setting in place. A big thank-you to all the hardworking Friends of the Upper Morwell River, Paul Jesse, Alan Hall, Phil Piper, John Parker, Brian McLune, Zorka Krcova, Mick Schiller, Denise Schiller, Sue Webster and Catheryn Thompson at this working bee:

With a small grant from the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal (FRRR) we paid Paul Jesse to make the table and chairs out of reinforced concrete and steel, and they are now well secured in place.  Some may remember that there was a picnic setting here in the past.

You can access the Picnic Setting via the Old Morwell River Falls entrance off Morwell River Road and the placement, in an amphitheatre of forest, is very beautiful. The picnic setting marks the spot where the two main tracks leading down to the Falls begin. As well as the picnic setting, there is a bench seat under the old notice board with a little table and another bench called the ‘Catholic  Bench’. I’ll leave it up to you to discover the clue to that name. These benches and the signs (which were also funded through this grant) have all been crafted by Mick Schiller largely through recycled materials.  With all this hard work completed we are hopeful that the Falls will be officially re-opened very soon.

Happy, hardworking friends installing new facilities at the Old Morwell River Falls entrance
off Morwell River Road.

While several of the Friends worked hard to install the new picnic setting, the others put in place a new gate to enable easy access to the tracks so that materials don’t have to be hauled in buckets. The gate is designed so walkers can easily get past, but vehicles cannot, thus ensuring the area remains protected from wanton damage by vehicles and the serenity of the area remains.  For those who have trouble walking down steep tracks we advise accessing the Falls from the Frontage Road side (however this is a dry weather track or a four wheel drive track in the wet) and is off Olsen’s Road.

As the Link goes to press we have scheduled a Working Bee on Sunday 29th May at the new picnic table and this will include some gentle landscaping and a meeting.  If dry, we plan to enjoy a BYO lunch on site at 12 noon, with the meeting to starting at 12.30 pm. If wet, Catheryn or Denise will have arranged our alternate ‘wet weather’ venue.

Stay tuned for the telling of an exciting discovery in the next Friend’s instalment.  In the meantime, the colder weather signals the emergence of fungi and there is a diversity of these interesting growths up at the Morwell River Falls Reserve, popping out of the ground, tabling out of trees and fluttering along damp logs. Remember to always wear sturdy boots and to be extra careful when tracks are slippery.

Catheryn Thompson,
Friends of Upper Morwell River Inc.