Cemetery Trust – June. 2011

The Cemetery grounds are looking particularly lovely at present, and thanks go to all the hardworking Trust members who have attended recent working bees.

The Cemetery Trust has a responsibility to maintain the grounds in good condition and to reserve funds for future projects. Our current project is the replacement of the old flower containers in the Lawn Section. We had sufficient funds available to complete Row 1, however there are two more rows to be done before we finish the job. We are planning to apply for a grant from the Department to enable us to complete this project.

Our income from funerals is limited, however we do receive an annual grant from Latrobe City, which covers the cost of mowing the large grassed areas.  A sub-committee was set up earlier this year to review our fees, comparing them to five other Cemeteries – Hazelwood, Trafalgar, Toongabbie, Willow Grove and Yarragon. The majority of fees charged by cemeteries in Victoria were standardised 4 years ago by the Department and are increased in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) on July 1st each year. Any price increases must be submitted to the Department for approval.

Our sub-committee recommended a price increase of 30% for all plots, and this was approved by a regular meeting of the Trust in April. Boolarra Cemetery will still be cheaper for burials than any of the above cemeteries, but the price rise, if approved by the Department, will provide us with a sound economic base for the future.

Plots can be pre-purchased in all sections of the Cemetery. Current prices are displayed in the Gazebo at the Cemetery, or you can call the Secretary on 5169 6721 for further information.

Glenys Morgan,