Boolarra Men’s Shed Proposal – June. 2011

The Boolarra Community Development Group (BCDG) Sub-Committee appointed to bring the Boolarra Men’s Shed plans to fruition has been plugging away with planning considerations, whilst awaiting Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) approval for the proposed site handover.

Recently appointed Community Project Facilitator, Liz Tyler, has been liaising with DSE regarding soil test requirements and the final clean-up at the old Council Depot site.

Meanwhile, quotes have been obtained for the erection of the shed, which will house Men’s Shed activities and storage for community assets.

Our State MP Russell Northe recently confirmed government funding of $25,000 for the Boolarra Men’s Shed, honouring a promise made during the election campaign last November. The BCDG already holds considerable funding for the erection of the shed.

An ‘Expression of Interest’ flyer circulated in the community produced a very favourable response from people with varied interests and who would use the shed on a regular basis. These flyers are still available at the Post Office, and the Sub-Committee will contact those interested as the proposal progresses.

Val Henderson.