Postcards of Boolarra

Photographers in Boolarra may be interested to know that the Boolarra Community Development Group (BCDG) Committee are presently looking for a selection of photographs depicting sights, scenes and situations in and around our beautiful town. The Committee will choose eight different photos to be printed as Postcards which will be sold locally to show off, beyond our boundaries, what we as a community enjoy every day.

If you have a photograph you would like to submit for consideration, please deliver it in printed or disc form to the Post Office, complete with your name, address, telephone, email address and a short description of the subject.

All photos and discs will be returned. Photographs chosen will have the photographer’s name acknowledged on the Postcard.

Scenes could include the Folk Festival, Railway and Centenary Parks, The Old Pub, Tarwin Streetscape, Historical Buildings, Morwell River Falls, Rail Trail, town valley views etc.