Bring your Art to Show – March. 2011

As part of our community development, which involves organising activities and events which enrich and enhance our creativity and our lives, we are planning to have a two-day-event Art Exhibition with the involvement of all members of the Boolarra community. Our main objective is to celebrate our common creative spirit and to share.  We believe that we humans are all creative and have been involved in many creative activities during our life time.  However, due to the common belief that only artists are creative and should show their artwork, most of our creative endeavours are overlooked and have not been shared with others.

Let’s come together to break this taboo, show off our created artworks and share our experience. Let’s make art achievable to everyone. If you have ever, either as a hobby or professionally, drawn or painted a picture, made an object from some raw or readymade materials, have taken, enhanced and enlarged a photograph with a creative vision, made a family photo story board, woven a fine quilt, etc, bring it to show and share.

The Exhibition

The exhibition will be held at the Memorial Hall during 17 – 19 June 2011. All Boolarra residents, including children, are encouraged to participate.

Works include but are not limited to: paintings, drawing, made objects, photo stories mounted on a board.  Videos, computer art, and object installations may be included if they can be installed properly and by prior arrangement.

The main purpose of the exhibition is sharing our ideas and creativity manifested in the form of an artwork. However, artworks could be for sale, exchange, donation, and so on. In the case of any sales, 25 percent of sales proceeds will be retained as commission for our community’s future art projects.

Audiences are encouraged to vote for their best choice of artwork, and art prizes will be awarded to the winners.

Terms and conditions

  1. Each participant can submit up to 3 artworks.
  2. A committee of 4 members will be in charge of the selection of the artworks.
  3. Limitations are numbers, size of the works, and suitability of social and moral contents.
  4. Recommended size: less than a meter on each side, and numbers: 1-3 depending on availability of the space.
  5. Entry fee to exhibit works: children $2 and adult $5 per work.
  6. Artworks should be framed or mounted on cardboard, plywood, etc, for ease of hanging and display.
  7. Participants should complete an Entry Form (which will be available at the Post Office counter) and send it to: 17 Tarwin Street Boolarra or email it to:
  8. To receive the electronic version of the Entry Form, please email Abbas at the above email address.
  9. The completed form should be accompanied by a photo or digital image of submitted artworks and received before the 30th of April.

The committee will contact the participants whose works have been selected to arrange delivery of the artworks and payment of the entry fee.