Boolarra Folk Festival Healing Tent 2011

This year the Healing Tent was busy and buzzing from early in the day. We had 16 healers participating, offering a wide range of treatment techniques. Garryelle Rose and Marie Ward were a team effort in the Tee Pee offering Auric Balancing, Meditation, Reiki, flower essences and massage.

Samantha Brick, Sue Kemsley and Maddy Harberts from Gippsland Massage & Wellbeing Centre offered Massage, Reiki, and Optimum Health Balances. Optimum Health Balance uses muscle testing and cards with special icons to identify what is causing stress – by enhancing our natural healing ability to help with a variety of chronic issues, the stress is relieved and the person can move on with their life.

Dan Aveling, Steve Stainsby and Paul Jones all did massages and added some male energy to the team. Friends Rhonda Clark and Anne Smith provided Bowen Therapy – a vibrational energy therapy which uses sequences of small gentle moves at specific sites of the body to stimulate energy flow, which activates the body’s own resources for healing.

Teresa Harkin & Sharmin Knol – two of the Healers from Pearcedale

Pearcedale healers: Sharmin Knol – NLP & Hypnosis Master Practitioner and Intuitive who has been practising for the past 3 years helping and guiding people who are looking for the answers that lie within.  She uses several tools, techniques and intuitive guidance to help remove any perceived mental or emotional blocks. Teresa Harkin  is a Registered nurse working with people living with cancer. Theresa offered Child of Light Healings – a gentle and powerful healing designed specifically for the children in this day-and-age and is equally effective on adults, addressing any inner-child hurts and traumas that we as adults may carry. PENTAGRAM THERAPY – a deeply nurturing, gentle, blissful, relaxing, experience using essential oils lavender and rose with aurum to give a harmonising and balancing effect to help bring you back to yourself. ESOTERIC HEALING – balancing, revitalising and energising healing, where the energy centres and corresponding organs in the body are balanced. The individual releases the debris that we accumulate in our day to day lives.

Long term supporters of the Healing Tent are Maz and Dee from Newborough did not bring the Crystal Shop this year but they brought their lovely selves. Maz offered Reiki treatments and Dee did several Tarot Readings. Reiki Treatments were provided by Carmel Pye (who has been involved for many years) and Mareila Cao (who is building up her business locally).

Margie Poole and two other staff from Endota Spa (soon to open at Century Inn, Traralgon West) provided free hand or head and neck massages using their lovely natural products as part of the massage.

Robern Lubawski, representing the Boolarra Churches had an area where people could come for a chat and prayer. Jeanette Teague was distributing literature and balloons for ‘Donate Life’ and ‘Transplant Australia’ to spread the word about the importance of Organ donation.

Lovely helpers at Reception had the important role of advising services available and bookings for treatments. Thank you Elaine, Liz, Maddy, Garryelle, Sharmin and Sue.

Together we saw over 70 people for relaxing treatments. We raised $475.00, which will be donated to a specific project in a flood affected town in Victoria.

We want to thank Latrobe City Council Fire Recovery group and VBBRA for Donations toward the running of the Healing Tent. Thanks also go to the Boolarra Community Development Group for managing the funds.

We are looking forward to seeing you all again at next year’s Boolarra Folk Festival Healing Tent.

If you have any questions or would like further information regarding practitioners, please contact Samantha Brick on 0427 824722.