Alcoholics Anonymous is there for everyone – March. 2011


My name is Bert, if alcohol is costing you more than money and it is a problem to you, we at A.A. might be able to help you. You see nearly 30 years ago I was one of those people who wanted to stop but just couldn’t, I was a hopeless useless good for nothing that  was living to drink and drinking to live. I was gone in every department, mental, spiritual, emotional and financial.

My life started to change dramatically when I first admitted I had a problem, and then accepted the fact that I am an alcoholic, and hey no big deal about that, everyone else knew I was in trouble with the booze!

I sought help from A.A and my life started to get back on track. It took a long time, as after all I drank alcoholically for over 20 years so I really couldn’t expect it to be fixed over night.

My life now is something I couldn’t ever have dreamed of, and I’m not talking financially but emotionally. Today I can do everything anyone else does but I don’t take alcohol to do it!  And that is a fantastic feeling,

I travel anywhere where a free man can travel and never have to look behind me to see if the police are there.

When I see a booze bus I don’t have to look for a side road, I drive up and usually have a laugh and a joke with the officer, a big change from 30 years ago believe me!

Alcoholics Anonymous is there for anyone and it is free and if you feel like coming along we just ask you to keep an open mind, listen for the similarities and not the differences.

People ask me “What do you get out of this?” and I simply reply someone did this for me once and saved my life!

I do a talk at the Pine Lodge Hospital on regular occasions for the patients in there and that does me so much good to see where I once was and I could end up back there if I was to pick up a drink. You see once an Alcoholic always an Alcoholic!

Please call me if you want to have a chat about your drinking problem.

Bert  0408 598 215


Or A.A. Victoria on 03 9429 8133