Rubbish Round-Up – Dec. 2010

Bin it – Don’t Rubbish Boolarra

We here in Boolarra love our clean and tidy environment and are proud of our Parks and Trails through our precious bush. Wildlife doesn’t need bottles, cans and cartons or bags and paper to survive.
Unfortunately, all of this is becoming an ugly blot on our beautiful landscape. There is no “Rubbish Fairy” (or Council worker for that matter) who magically makes it all disappear, although there are several responsible and caring citizens who regularly assume this role.
Rubbish has no place in our environment and there are plenty of bins provided in our parks. The Skate ramp, picnic tables, BBQ shelter, shop and Hall are all provided with bins and emptied weekly by Council.
If you’re out and about in our town, whether you are one of the many visitors or horse riders we welcome, or just enjoying a break in the Park, PLEASE set the example yourselves and encourage your children and teenagers to deposit rubbish in the bins.
We are very lucky in Boolarra to live in such a beautiful environment – let’s keep it that way.