Around The Traps with Roger Rabbit

As I hop around from place to place I’m finding it increasingly more dangerous to cross the roads! Due to the wonderful wet weather and sunshine we have been having, the road edge grass has grown very tall. In some cases covering not only the edge of the road but the safety posts as well. This makes it very difficult for us cottontails to see, let alone avoid being threatened or injured, not to mention extinction, by anything from 2 wheels to 34 wheelers. It was difficult enough to avoid the spinning blades of the slasher monster, which I point out seems to be less often rather than more often these days.
So as we hop towards Christmas, please be wary of all wildlife, as we want to enjoy our Christmas too and to be able to enjoy the coming of 2011.
Skippity do hi ho. Have a merry Christmas and a joyous New Year but watch out for me and my friends please.