Dear Contributor,
REMEMBER that EVERYTHING that is to be included in the link is to be sent to email address: (or left at the Post Office for collection). This email address will ensure that all articles and photos will arrive straight to the Editors computer for inclusion in the next edition. Your assistance with this request will greatly reduce double handling of content.
DEADLINE will be advised for each edition, could you please not leave it to the last day to send articles etc, as the earlier you send them the more time we have to prepare our next edition.
Text is best submitted as a Word document, without formatting – the simpler the better, so please, no spaces or tabs to line-up text: we will do that for you. Please keep your article to approximately 600 words.
Name & Position – remember to include details with your article plus any other contact details such as web sites, email and/or phone numbers etc you wish to include.
Timing – Keep in mind that the lag-time between submitting articles and printing could be a couple of weeks, so please try to word your article to accommodate this time lapse. Please be aware that all articles may be subject to editing.
Please feel free to circulate this reminder to members of other Boolarra groups. This is a community resource which we are keen for all Boolarra’s groups, clubs and organisations to use, hopefully to increase participation and also to avoid clashes of dates.
Photos and/or other images are always welcome. REMEMBER to always include who, what, where, when details for each photo. Please note that the only format suitable for good quality printing is JPG. Other formats produce very poor quality images.
Feature Articles for future publication – The Committee has started including community interest pieces in each edition of the paper. So if you, or someone you know, has an interesting family history piece, hobby, interest, experience, tale to tell, poem, short story, sports legend, service hero or anything else that you think may be of interest to the Boolarra community at large, prepare a bit of information on the subject and submit it to the Committee for consideration. Even if it can’t be included in the current edition, we may be able to use it in the future.
Please advise us of any changes to contact details on the back page of the link.
The Boolarra Link Committee